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Polka Dot Bikini Girl Contest

LMFAO Announces Bikini Girl Contest Winner

LMFAO Bikini Girl Contest Winner

LMFAO is pleased to announce the winner of the Polka Dot Bikini Girl contest, a search to find a new bikini girl for the Party Rock Tour.

Nicole Christine of Tampa, Florida will be joining LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew on a two-month tour of the U.S. and Canada.

"We had a lot of great contestants," Redfoo said. "We would like to thank all of the girls that entered. We may like to use additional contestants as bikini girls in their area, such as Jenny Boom Boom in Chicago."

"We wanted to pick one girl to learn our routine and choreography for our shows and we had experience dancing with Nicole at two shows in Tampa [at the Kennedy]," Foo added. "Nicole has great energy and we feel that she fits our Party Rock vibe. We like her zaniness."

According to Foo, there may be shows on the tour during which LMFAO will bring up a few additional bikini girls. Hint: girls wearing polka dot bikinis to shows on the upcoming tour (which kicks off on November 5 in Reno, Nevada and ends on December 21 in McAllen, Texas) may get their chance to perform "I'm In Miami Bitch" with the boys.

Stay tuned to find out the winner of the LMFAO Halloween Lookalike Contest.

Aimee Duggan Red Deer, Alberta, CA
797 votes
My name is Aimee Duggan. I'm 23 years old, born and raised in beautiful Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! I love going to concerts/live shows. I'm into just about every genre of music. I love R&B, hip hop, pop, rock, house, electro, you name it! Music is my LIFE! I also LOVE to travel! One of my favorite places is Cancun, Mexico. I surround myself with positive, kind hearted people who like to have fun..and of course know how to PARTY! I love to dance. It's by far my biggest passion in life. I like to keep healthy and in shape. I am currently a gogo dancer of 6 years at a nightclub in dowtown Red Deer called 'Lotus Nightclub', as well as a receptionist in a hair salon.
Jenny Boom Boom Aurora, IL, US
713 votes
I'm Jenny Boom Boom! I'm a go go dancer all over Chicago. I actually was the gogo dancer for you guys when you did your show at Crobar! ;) I'm also a Badass Bitch, a Model and I've been on tour with DJ's so I know what to expect and how to party AND I put on an awesome show to make the crowd go nuts! For more info about me and tons more pictures ... go to: Hope you guys pick me! xoxo Jenny Boom
bikini girls #1 fan VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA, US
193 votes
This is Stephanies #1 fan AGAIN! i am entering this contest because we all know that no matter what there will be no ther bikini girl like Stephanie! she has an amazing body, cute face, an amazing personality, and is very much loved by the fans. if u r a true LMFAO fan you will vote for the real POLKA DOT BIKINI GIRL! so please helps us with as many votes as possible thank u! Steph's #1 fan
Dana Usinowicz NY , NY, US
119 votes
Hey Party People!!! My name is Dana & I think I deserve the chance to be the next polka dot bikini girl. I have actually danced on stage with LMFAO @ Bamboozle & remained friends with the whole crew since :) I have met some truly amazing people because of my experience with them including; Miss AnnaBanana, Stephanie (Original Polka Dot Bikini Girl), Reek, Q, Air, Elle & of course Foo & Sky..I think that if Steph is going to be replaced by anyone it should be by one of her friends.... The video is me on stage @ Bamboozle after one too many drinks!!I felt it was suitable to post considering that’s how I met the crew. I can drink all day & play all night :) Good Luck to all the ladies!!!!!! PARTY.ROCK.BITCH. had some probelms uploading my video.. go to link below!
Rachel Lang Melbourne, VIC, AU
107 votes
Hey LMFAO! Im Rachel, and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Being an Aussie - as the stereotype assumes - I spend alot of my time in bikinis and alot of time partying on. I am proud to say that I am your typical Australian - I like to hit the surf and party hard. So therefore, The Polka Dot Bikini Girl role is almost natural to me. Also, I have never been overseas and could not think of better people to party it up with in America :)
Kate Barrows Fayetteville, NC, US
106 votes
Hey BabyBabiessssss, Im Kate, Im totally in love the whole LMFAO thing! I love the New Eighties style, I love the music, Even the no lenses glasses... and yes.. I have been known to wear mine in public... I got no shame! Im a promotional model and do all kinds of weird and fun promos. Im 25 and live in the shitty state of Nc... Anyways I wanna be the polkadot bikini girl so vote for meeee!
PAULINA Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
99 votes
3 Girls from Vancouver, B.C. who are ready to represent LMFAO as their bikini girls!! Paulina, Jenessa, and Lindsey have all been involved with gymnastics and dance growing up and have been waiting for an oppourtunity to really show off what they got! We feel that we are exactly what you are looking for and are confident that we can not only meet your expectations, but we will go above and beyond, putting 150% of our energy into every minute on the road. Thank you for watching! And we look forward to hearing from you!! Party Rock Baby. Xoxoxoxo Paulina, Lindsey, and Jenessa.
Barbie Murdock Los Alamitos, California, US
86 votes
Sydney Bolton Oxnard, CA, US
75 votes
I looooooove dancing to your music and would love nothing more than to be the new polka dot bikini girl! You're music just makes me feel sexy! I've danced with groups competitively, I know this job isnt all about looks its about my performance too. And I'm more than willing to give my all to this position. I've been to so many of your guys' shows, I've watched stephanie on stage and no offense to her but I think I can exceed her skills any day! I've also met Q and Justin in San Diego and I keep in touch with them regularly too! PLEASE PICK ME!!! You wont regret it!
kristina westmount, QC, CA
75 votes
hey hey partyrock peoples!!! for all you who know me you know that I'm a fun girl that lives life to the fullest and loves to have a good hard means play hard babiez!!! I love to party with tha partyrock crew, and would love to be the new bikini girl!!! it'll be good times!!! Now its up to you guys to vote for me if you think I should be too! thanks all! partyrock baby babiez!!
Crissy Hilton dallas, texas, US
72 votes
whats uppppp PARTY PEOPLE! Its your girl Crissy HIlton aka Dutchess ready to ROCK THIS TOUR with my boys LMFAO... Q and Air what it do? ok ok so i have to convince everyone why i should do this tour... (let me clear my throat) NOt only do i have dangerous curves that can make any man salivate i have a cool personality to go along with it and im from TEXAS so i got the butt that can shake for dayz(Everything is bigger in TX) I'M CUTE, FRIENDLY, AND OUTGOING. I know how to get a crowd HYPE and i know how to get the ladies naked... jk !! But seriously only a good time with me so vote me as the next Bikini Girl!!!! xoxo
Nikole Kristine Tampa, FL, US
44 votes
PARTYYYYY ROCKKK PEOPLLLEEE!!!!!!!: I'm Nikole Kristine, 21 years young and ready to get the party rock tour poppin! I can play all day, dance all night, get it poppin...and get up in the morning and do it all over again. I'm originally from a small town in CT but moved to Tampa where I am currently graduating with a bachlors degree in merchandising and marketing in fashion! I would be the best pick for the upcoming LMFAO tour because IM REAL! ...from head to toe theres nothing fake about me! Im down to earth,smart,fun and sexy, plus i can shake my a** like no other white girl I've ever seen. lol (See booty pics for reference) ; ) Also with my past two years of print modeling and runway experience, I'm ready to work the stage like a runway... Fierce and Fabulous, representing all the girls rockn' polka dot bikinis! So LMFAO and ALL YOU CRAZY A** FANS... Vote for me! : ) And because I spend like three hours not being successful at posting my video... I was forced to upload it on youtube! lol
Sylvia Q. Victorville, CA, US
43 votes
Wass Upp Party Rock People...the name is SYLVIA..Im funny cute n outging..I Love LMFAO Music n Style...Thanks to friend..Im a Fan now..u know who u are...< love to first on the dance floor even if i have to dance by myself..I know how the road n promoting n being merch girl can be..but i found it to be fun n in meeting new people..Ill get the crowed going n show them a good time..Would love to a bikini girl and get the LMFAO experince..but hey the more bkini girls the bigger the party..!!!..haha..SO VOTE FOR ME...!!!..thanks Much Love <3 Just in case u cant see the video here go copy this link..
jessica nisenbaum orlando, florida, US
39 votes
I’m in Orlando biiiiiitch! But I’d rather be on tour with lmfao! I’m a full time model & a part time party rock baby! I’m super laid back, love to have a good time, & can roll with whatever’s thrown at me! I’m young & its the perfect time in my life to do a little world exploring…throw some votes my way, so Foo & Blu will give yours truly a chance @ being the next polka dot bikini girl! ATTENTION!! the video attached is just a lil blank space filler so I'd be able to submit this mission impossible application~~~check out my REAL VIDEO on youtube @: xoxo Jess
Alicia Bell Vancouver, BC, CA
33 votes
EHHHH LMFAO...SKy...Foo...Air....Q....Reek ;) Pick Me... I might not be a runway model but... 1. IM FUN and I have FUN friends everywhere! 2. I LOVE TO PARTY 3. I LOVE PATRON + VODKA 4. Plus I could be your on road PERSONAL TRAINER! On top of that... 5.********* I LOOK WICKED IN A BIKINI************** ENOUGH SAID!
melanie samples tavernier, fl, US
25 votes
I have to say I absolutely love LMAFO, Saw u guys live at Ultra in miami. I have done some modeling, grew up in the florida keys. I am outgoing and love people. Done bikini contest from down here in the keys and think i would look hot in a poka dot bikini.... let me know. Hope the tour is fun :)
Kyana J R Orlando, FL, US
23 votes
#.) “I fully support the Party Rock Tour: Paradiso Girls, Space Cowboy, Shwayze, Far East Movement, and of course, LMFAO! I have modeled for Telemundo and catwalked for Univision television programs! I have the stamina and energy- I partied 8 days a week this year and “I’m in Miami Bitch” was my anthem! I have gotten a more personal look at the artists more recently than most fans, but I have been in love with them and their other music since the Dailys! I met Elle, Q, and SkyBlu and Redfoo… and I have been anointed!! Since talking with Elle my mind went haywire and I knew with a burning desire I wanted someday a job that tours. Funny how the world works – because now to get a chance to go directly on the Party Rock Tour with the very stars that inspired it??? My heart hasn’t stopped racing! Just watch the video and vote for me!!! ?”
Lindsay Franey Taft, CA, US
21 votes
Hi everyone! I'm Lindsay and I'm from central Cali. I absolutely love the energy that LMFAO puts into a crowd. They're on a mission the make the earth a party planet and I want to be part of that mission!!
Ka$H & Smassh Halifax, NS, CA
17 votes
LMFAO rockkkkksss we just saw them kill a show in Hali this weekend.. we just stumbled apon this contest and don't have any pics.. but really I think the pics should show who you are more then what's under the clothess ya no? (although we've got it all...) We are Ka$H and Smassh.. we coach cheerleading, teach yogaa, party like rock stars and are awesome professionally. We think we should win thisss cause we're REAAAAL chickss who are bad as hell and know how to partyy HARDDD! We bring energy and fun everywhere we goo and we would rep LMFAO to the fullesttt. We would double up the energy level easyy.. are u ready? Don't pick a chick whos going to stand there and smilee.. vote for us and prepare to partyyy! Ohhh yeaah and this is the last day to enter n we have no videoo soooo here's us fuckin around in our hotel room before the LMFAO concert.. doin our crazy aerobics/hip hop/jazzercize haha We're sure we won't win but it's allll a good timeee hope we make yas crack a smileee - much lovee Ka$H & Smassh
Tiffini Truth Calgary, AB, CA
13 votes
My Name is Tiffini Truth and I'm adult Alternative Model. I have worked with everyone from Inked Magazine to Masuimi Max. I also Stage Dance for bands on tour. Most recently I was a guest dancer on the Peaches "I Feel Cream" tour. I love to Party and I Live to Rock so I could see myself complimenting LMFAO's music very well. Let's Shake, Move, and Get Hottt already! Tiffini Truth xxxx